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6 Situations Where You May Need a Family Lawyer

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6 Situations Where You May Need a Family Lawyer

Big moments in your family can bring big changes to the size of your family, your financial situation, and your future. With each different milestone, you will have to consider your rights, your budget, and your next steps. But are family lawyers necessary? What situations call for a family lawyer?


While your family expands and changes, family lawyers can help you appropriately adjust the finances, legal status, and custodial rights within your family. Below are 6 times you may need a family lawyer:


Marriage. You’ve got the rings. You’ve booked the honeymoon. While not the most romantic gestures, the legal documents and changes that accompany marriage can help you get a better idea of your future and allow your finances and benefits to be shared as a new unit: a family.


Signing a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement will save you and your spouse time and money in case of a separation. But these agreements don’t just prepare for or concern divorce. Many can also be made to divide insurance benefits or create policies for what will happen if one spouse passes away.


Adoption and Foster Care. Adoption and foster care are wonderful ways to expand your family, but both processes can appear intimidating and take a long time. Whether you decide to adopt within the state of Colorado, from another state, or internationally, a family lawyer can guide you through the process of working with social workers and adoption agencies to assure you are granted proper custody of the child and do so in a timely matter.


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Divorce. If you find yourself needing to get a divorce, a family lawyer will make the (legal) process quick and painless. Divorce lawyers are crucial to negotiating the division of your assets, creating a fair custody agreement, and ensuring you receive the payments and assets you deserve. Some family lawyers even can act as a third-party mediator to help you and your spouse come to an agreement before stepping into the courtroom.


Paternity. If paternity needs to be established after the birth of a child, a mother must file a Petition to Determine Paternity. If paternity is established, the court will determine the father’s visitation or custody rights, as well as appropriate child support payments.


Protection orders. No one wants to believe that they may ever have to take a protection order out against their partner – or that they will be facing a protection order. Unfortunately, sometimes life puts us into these types of situations. Whether you need protection from abuse or are attempting to understand your rights if you have been put under a protection order, an experienced family attorney can help.


Estate Planning. Why choose a family lawyer who also has a background in estate law? Because they are far more likely to approach estate planning as a way for you to protect your family’s assets and establish financial security for your children and future generations.


There are many different trusts or accounts that can be created to organize your finances, but some may be more appropriate than others for your family and lifestyle. An experienced estate planning attorney can devise a sustainable, beneficial plan for all of your loved ones.


As you can see, family lawyers can prepare and guide you through the most important moments of your family’s development. Make sure you handle these milestones in the best possible way by calling an experienced family lawyer today.



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Vernon Ready is an award-winning Colorado lawyer with an in-depth understanding of all areas of family law, estate planning, and personal injury. His energetic and aggressive advocacy approach allow him to successfully navigate complex cases, including high asset divorce and complicated custody issues. During his time at the University of Colorado Law School, Ready won numerous awards for his trial advocacy skills. Since being admitted to practice in 2009, Ready has become well-known throughout Denver and the state for the passionate defense of his clients and his unparalleled understanding of the law.