The Law Office of Vernon Ready, LLC handles adoptions in Colorado. The firm takes a special interest in step-parent and kinship adoption.


Stepparents get their own special procedural allowances in Colorado adoption law. To take advantage of them, the stepparent must actually marry one of the natural parents. The natural parent must then file a verified affidavit consenting to the adoption by the stepparent.

There is typically another natural parent at issue, and the court must verify that that other natural parent has either died, lost their parental rights, or abandoned the child for at least a year. If that is verified and the court decides to allow the adoption, any remaining parental rights of the parent who abandoned the child will be terminated.

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As a Colorado family attorney, I have helped grandparents and other family members just like you step in and obtain full parenting rights under various circumstances. I am available to help you adopt your grandchildren or other family members. I can help you determine a child’s eligibility for adoption and your eligibility to adopt. I can walk you through the legal process of adoption all the way through the final adoption decree.