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The sun shines on Aurora more than 300 days of the year, beaming down on sprawling open spaces, blossoming trees, and colorful gardens. And our population is as diverse as our landscape – our city is home to individuals and families of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Explore Aurora streets and you are likely to encounter an array of cultural and educational activities, as well as restaurants featuring nearly every cuisine imaginable—from Vietnamese noodle shops to locally owned carnicerias.


But regardless of culture and background, Aurora residents are united by a common commitment to family. Our community has made it a focus to invest energy and resources in providing families access to quality education, clean parks, and safe streets.


As an established member of the Aurora community, Ready Law Firm wants to do its part. Our family law firm is devoted to providing exceptional legal guidance and representation to the individuals and families of Aurora. Since 2009, Vernon Ready has been providing the community with a comprehensive array of family law and estate planning services, from adoption assistance to divorce mediation.


If you are looking for a lawyer in Aurora who is as experienced as he is passionate, we encourage you to get in touch with Vernon Ready. Mr. Ready and his legal team are committed to protecting and improving the lives of individuals and families in Aurora, and would be proud to be able to work with you.


Tackle Family Law Issues with an Aurora Lawyer who Has Your Best Interests in Mind


When it comes to family and estate planning issues, there are a vast variety of situations where Aurora individuals and families can benefit greatly from a knowledgeable local attorney.

How do you know if you need an attorney for your family or financial situation? Generally, it is advisable for Aurora residents to seek legal counsel when going through any type of major life event, when there is a change in you or your family’s circumstances, or when you or a loved one must make an important decision.


Common examples of matters where legal guidance may be necessary include:


Adoption. Welcoming a new member into your family is a wonderful, life-altering undertaking that will hugely impact everyone close to you. Colorado makes special adoption provisions for stepparents, grandparents, and other relatives, so it is a good idea to talk to an attorney to learn about important laws and regulations that apply to your family’s unique circumstances when considering adoption.


Child support. A skilled Aurora family law attorney can be an invaluable ally when navigating child support proceedings, working to ensure you and your child’s needs are protected. A lawyer can also be incredibly helpful when it comes to dealing with issues of child support modification and enforcement.


Common law marriage. In Colorado, common law marriages may be established by a mutual and open assumption of a marital relationship. However, if both parties do not agree that they share a common law marriage, the assistance of a family law lawyer may become necessary, as disagreements over these types of relationships can be quite complex.


Collaborative divorce. Separating couples may choose to work together to reach a settlement outside of court through a collaborative divorce. An experienced Aurora divorce attorney can help you determine whether a collaborative divorce is the right choice in your situation, and work with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth, favorable settlement for both parties.


Contempt of court.  Contempt of court proceedings can sometimes arise from allegations that one party is not adhering to a court order, such as paying child support or spousal maintenance. In contempt of court hearings, your family attorney can be an invaluable ally and advocate for your rights.


Divorce and separation. Aurora divorce rates are low, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider divorce or separation an option if you are in a marriage that seems hopeless. The guidance of a compassionate divorce attorney is essential when navigating the complex, often emotional divorce process.


Legal separation. Legal separation has pretty much the same effect as a divorce in Colorado, but there are two key differences. Firstly, legally separated couples may not remarry without taking further legal steps to convert the separation to divorce. Secondly, divorced couples do not lose many of their inheritance rights, and may be able to maintain certain insurance or retirement benefits. A good family attorney can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of legal separation, and work with you to ensure your interests are protected if you do decide to undertake a legal separation.


Marital and premarital agreements. Most people in Aurora probably enter into their marriage convinced that they are going to be with their partner forever, but unfortunately, this does not always happen. Feelings and circumstances can change, leaving you open to attack – unless you protect yourself ahead of time. A skilled family lawyer can help you draft a marital or premarital agreement that can help protect your property and interests in the event of divorce.


Marital property and division of assets. In Colorado divorce, courts will divide property and debts incurred during the marriage. Representation from a lawyer during property division proceedings can help ensure you are treated fairly and you and your family’s needs are provided for.


Mediation. Counsel from a seasoned family attorney with experience is essential for individuals who are considering mediation in issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony cases. With the help of a good Aurora lawyer, you can create solutions that meet the interests of you and your children.


Parenting time (child custody). What was once known as “child custody” in Colorado is now referred to as “parental responsibilities.” Aurora courts assign parenting time and decision-making rights based on what is determined to be best for the child. An attorney can represent you throughout parenting time proceedings, as well as when handling matters such as child custody enforcement or modification.


Protection orders. Protection orders are civil court orders that can bar one individual for harming or contacting another. While such orders can be useful tools in ensuring a family’s protection during a divorce, they can have a huge impact on the life and future of those involved. Talk to an attorney if you are considering seeking such an order, or if an order has been taken out against you.


Spousal maintenance (alimony). Aurora enjoys a relatively high standard of living. Local spousal maintenance, or alimony laws, aim to assist spouses with limited earning ability in maintaining their standard of living after divorce. An attorney can advocate for your interests throughout spousal maintenance proceedings, and provide assistance with issues such as modification and enforcement of spousal maintenance.


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