Local Injury Lawyer Who Knows Aurora Courts

I came to Colorado in the Air Force, assigned to Buckley Air Force Base.

Like so many before me and since, I fell in love with the state of Colorado and stayed here after my time in the military ended.

It was through Aurora that I was introduced to this state that has been my home ever since.  After leaving the Air Force, I worked in several locations in the south-eastern area of Aurora as a defense contractor near Buckley.  I then commuted from Aurora every day to attend law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  My connection to the city is strong, and I know Aurora from north to south by my experiences living and working in the area.

In addition to having a strong personal connection with the City of Aurora, my office is located very nearby, in a location convenient to anyone who would rather avoid all the downtown traffic.

If you are unable to come to me for an initial consultation, I can come to you.  I visit clients in their homes throughout the Aurora area, and I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your case anywhere in Aurora if you are unable to come to my office.

Although I represent injured clients all over the state of Colorado, those injured in Aurora are especially close to my office. I have appeared in nearly every courtroom in Aurora and in Arapahoe County. If you have been injured and are seeking representation, choose a lawyer who knows your local courtrooms, and has lived and worked in your city. Call my office now.

Get in touch with our office right now by emailing vready@ready-law.com, calling 303-993-5512, or filling out our easy online case evaluation form.