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The Law Office of Vernon Ready, LLC can guide you through the divorce process, and protect your interests along the way. Unlike many other fields of law which are based on a clear win-lose scenario, divorce laws in Colorado are designed around principles of fairness and equity for both parties. That means the goal, according to the law, is not really for one spouse to ‘win’ against another. In fact, the court’s job is to prevent exactly that, and instead to pursue a fair outcome for both parties. As indicated in other locations on this same website, this law firm does embrace a ‘winning’ mentality (where that is appropriate to achieve a client’s goals). However, clients should know early that in the divorce context, the result is almost never to destroy the other party for the purpose of winning a one-sided result overall.


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The courts will stop attempts to ‘win’ in this way, and clients will find that the bulldog of a lawyer they hired is largely ineffective. Even if a case was to end this way, an appeal or petition for review would set things right, and result in unnecessary costs to all sides. Instead, the goal for divorcing parties must always be to protect their rights and interests. That means together we can identify what your most important goals are and work hard to achieve them, always within the framework of fairness, equity, and achieving the best outcome for any children involved. Those who are unable to accept that reality and work within it, are truly more likely to ‘lose’ in the end. Colorado law refers to a divorce proceeding as a dissolution of marriage. Within the following pages, you may see either of those terms used.


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