Do You Need an Attorney?


You probably do.
Some people are able to get through the divorce process without assistance, and some of them manage to get it done without causing themselves significant harm.  This is much more likely to be the case when all of the following are true:
the separation is very amicable;
the marriage was very short;
there is very little property or debt to divide;
the parties’ current and historical incomes are nearly the same;
there are no children involved, or a relatively equal parenting schedule has already been agreed upon; and
the division of significant child-related expenses has already been agreed upon.
Few people going through the divorce process fit all or even most of those factors.  Everyone else will likely benefit from at least meeting with an attorney to discuss their individual circumstances.
At times a client comes to us when everything has been worked out and put into writing.  Those clients may not need ongoing representation, and may just want to know whether the agreement they have reached is fair or whether the wording or intent of the agreement is likely to be accepted by a court. Ready Law can help with that. Attorney Vernon Ready is happy to meet with individual clients seeking this kind of review after a full agreement has been reached. These clients, despite having reached an agreement, can still benefit from a discussion of the client’s specific concerns, a review and discussion of the financial circumstances of everyone involved, and any needs and special circumstances related to any children involved.
However, it is helpful to remember that unrepresented parties are held to the same standard as attorneys. That means people who choose to represent themselves are not afforded special treatment by the court and are expected to understand the applicable law and how it affects their case. Those who choose to represent themselves are much more likely to make mistakes along the way, and will then be bound by the outcome. Even a seemingly simple or harmless mistake, such as missing a deadline, can lead to a court denying your request or establishing an unwanted order that all involved parties are bound by.


Do You Need an Attorney?


Unless you fit into the list at the top of this page, it is almost certainly worth it to hire representation.  A small difference in the amount of spousal maintenance (alimony) paid each month makes a big difference over ten years of payments. That is just one example among many in which having someone committed to advocating for your interests can pay off and then some. For most of us, nothing is more important than having our kids’ futures, our retirement funds, investments, businesses and homes on the line. Cut corners elsewhere. Work with an experienced Colorado family law attorney to ensure you take your best shot at your best outcome.

Vernon Ready has been practicing law with an emphasis on divorce and child custody cases in Colorado since 2009. He has helped hundreds of clients make important legal decisions to protect their assets and loved ones, and he is always willing to meet with anyone who believes they might need the services of a Denver attorney.

So how do you know when you should call Attorney Ready? Read on to learn more about some of the most common situations that lead individuals like yourself to work with Mr. Ready.


Don’t Let a Divorce Get the Better of You – Find a Qualified Denver Attorney


Divorce does not always bring out the best in the parties involved. The dissolution of a marriage can be emotionally exhausting as well as challenging from a practical standpoint, as partners attempt to determine how to fairly divide their marital assets. The situation can get especially contentious when spouses share retirement benefits, own a business together, or need to determine custody of their children.


imgUnfortunately, if you think of your divorce as a battle or try to take everything from a spouse, you will both ultimately lose as court and attorney fees increase very quickly. Although you don’t control the opposing party’s approach, you certainly have the ability to reduce and manage that kind of loss. The laws governing divorce and child custody in Colorado are intended to prevent absolute winners and losers in these cases. Aiming for a clearly unfair outcome is a great way to aim for disappointment and unnecessary expense. Vernon Ready is a skilled negotiator and advocate who has helped many clients reach fair agreements, even when agreement seemed impossible.




Complex Cases and Self-Employment


If you have complicated assets, especially if you or your spouse started a business during the marriage, you should absolutely seek assistance with your divorce. As a solo practice attorney, Vernon Ready understands the demands of running a small business, and he has a special interest in assisting those who must divide a business started during the marriage. As an experienced divorce attorney, he has helped clients on both sides of business ownership, including the division of business interests and determination of income for the self-employed.


Need to Come Up with a Parenting Schedule? Vernon Ready Can Help


As mentioned above, divorces can be more contentious when spouses have children together. If your divorce case includes minor children, you will be required to propose a parenting plan that outlines how you and your former partner will share in making important decisions for your child, and you will need to work out a parenting schedule to determine how you will share custody. You want what is best for your child. Vernon Ready can help you come up with a fair parenting schedule that will benefit your son or daughter. If necessary, Ready Law can then help you present that schedule to a judge and explain why it is the best option for the child.

Attorney Ready can also assist if you need to modify existing parenting time or child support in the event that your circumstances or those of your former spouse have changed.


Talk with a Denver Family Law Attorney If You Plan to Adopt


Deciding to adopt is a huge, life-changing decision. But once you have made that decision, you do not want it to be delayed because of legal obstacles that you never anticipated. You can help streamline the adoption process and avoid these roadblocks by working with Attorney Ready. He is particularly interested and well-versed in kinship and step-parent adoption (which has its own special procedural allowances) but is available to assist you with any kind of adoption.


Get an Experienced Denver Divorce Lawyer On Your Side


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