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As the Highlands Ranch community continues to grow, so do local families. Today, Highlands Ranch is home to more than 30,000 households, nearly half of which have young children. In addition to traditional households, Highlands Ranch has its share of singles, one-parent families, and retirees.


Regardless of the shape and size of their families, all Highlands Ranch residents will likely have to deal with estate planning and family law matters that are close to their heart at some point in their lives.  When dealing with such sensitive and important issues, obtaining exceptional legal representation is essential. Your family law attorney will play a key role in protecting the interests of your family and shaping its future. Choosing a knowledgeable lawyer who can invest the personal attention, compassion, and resources in your case that your family deserves is essential.


If you are seeking a local Highlands Ranch attorney who can help you to navigate family law and estate planning matters, we hope you will consider Vernon Ready. The seasoned attorney is a graduate of the University of Colorado Law School, and he has been serving the families of Highlands Ranch for many years. Since beginning practice in 2009, Mr. Ready has earned a reputation across the state for his genuine compassion for families and the dedication he invests in each and every case. Vernon Ready is devoted to protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families in Highlands Ranch and would consider it a great privilege to be able to help you and your family through a difficult time.


How a Highlands Ranch Attorney Can Help You and Your Family


From marriage and divorce to childbirth and death, life is full of major events, unclear crossroads, and big decisions that demand legal counsel. When it comes to navigating these junctions, an experienced Highlands Ranch family law attorney can be an indispensable guide, partner, and trusted friend.


Below, have listed some of the circumstances where Highlands Ranch individuals and families could benefit from representation and guidance from a knowledgeable attorney.


Adoption. In certain circumstances, stepparents, grandparents, and other family members can obtain full parenting rights through adoption. A family law attorney can help you determine your family’s eligibility to adopt and guide you through the process to ensure a prompt and favorable resolution.


Child support. When making child support decisions, courts aim to preserve a comfortable standard of living for a child to the extent possible within the restrictions of his or her parents’ financial standing. As an experienced and compassionate child support lawyer, Mr. Ready represents families’ interests in child support proceedings and provides legal guidance with issues of child support enforcement and modification.


Common law marriage. Common law marriages are often misunderstood, and disputes over these types of unions can become incredibly complicated. When litigating issues with common law marriages, an experienced attorney is essential.


Collaborative divorce. Though the divorce rate is fairly low in Highlands Ranch, couples who do decide to seek divorce are often interested in seeking a collaborative divorce. With a collaborative divorce, both parties and their attorneys work together to reach a settlement outside of court—talk to your attorney to determine whether this option is right in your family’s unique situation!


Contempt of court.  When it comes to family law, contempt of court proceedings often arise from allegations that one party is not honoring a court order, such as child support or alimony. An attorney can represent you in a contempt of court hearing, working to ensure your rights are protected and justice is upheld.


Divorce and separation. Considering its potential to become messy, drawn-out, and destructive, divorce is not an undertaking one should handle alone. A Highlands Ranch divorce attorney can provide much needed legal guidance and representation in all aspects of divorce and separation, including parenting time arrangements, marital property division, and mediation.


Estate planning. All Highlands Ranch residents can benefit from a solid estate plan, regardless of their age, marital status, or the size of their estate. Vernon Ready works with clients in all areas of estate planning, from preparing wills and financial powers of attorney documents to tax planning.


Legal separation. The process of obtaining a legal separation is nearly identical to that of divorce. However, in the case of legal separation, both spouses can take advantage of certain types of benefits—such as insurance plans that include partners—though neither spouse may remarry. As a longtime Highlands Ranch divorce attorney, Vernon Ready may be able to help you to determine if legal separation is right for your unique circumstances, and guide you through the process in a way that ensures your wishes are honored and your rights are upheld.


Marital and premarital agreements. As Highlands Ranch income levels are higher and estates are larger than average, marital and premarital agreements are often important for establishing how estates should be distributed in the event of divorce or the death of a spouse. When preparing to sign such binding agreements, it is highly advisable to consult with an attorney to review the contract to ensure your individual interests are protected.


Marital property and division of assets. Dividing joint property and assets is one of the most complicated steps in divorce proceedings. Without legal guidance, marital property division can be a source of conflict and regret. Mr. Vernon has helped many Highland Park families handle marital property division with civility and efficiency, helping to lower litigation costs and protect the things that matter.


Mediation. The need for mediation often arises during Highlands Ranch divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony cases. Guidance from a lawyer with experience in family law is highly advisable for individuals and families who are considering mediation.


Parenting time (child custody). When assigning parenting time and decision making responsibilities, Colorado courts strive to make arrangements that protect the rights of children and both their parents. Mr. Ready can provide exceptional representation in all areas of child custody proceedings, from optimizing parenting plans to enforcing child custody orders.


Protection orders. Protection orders, or restraining orders, can be an invaluable way of helping victims and their families stay safe, by prohibiting a hostile individual from harming them. Given the lasting effects a protection order can have on a home, it is important to seek legal counsel if you are seeking to take out a protection order against another, or if you have received an order of protection yourself.


Spousal maintenance (alimony). The standard of living is high in Highlands Ranch, and spousal maintenance laws seek to help spouses with little or no earning potential preserve their standard of living after divorce. Mr. Ready can provide compassionate, yet aggressive representation in all matters pertaining to spousal maintenance, including modification and enforcement.


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With sprawling parks, safe streets, and beautiful natural surroundings, Highlands Ranch is a wonderful town to raise a family. Let us help protect the family and home you have created in our blossoming town, thus ensuring a happy, bright, and prosperous future for our community.


Contact the Ready Law Firm for attentive and expert legal guidance in family and estate plan matters. As devoted members of the Highlands Ranch community, we would be honored to help your family grow and thrive.


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