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Parenting Time and Decision Making Authority

Divorce can be a painful process, and when children are involved, complicated situations can arise with the potential for additional conflict and pain. To protect the rights of both parents and children, Colorado law makes numerous provisions for parenting time and decision-making authority – essential components of what is commonly referred to as “child custody.”

Many people grew up with “weekend dads” or “part-time moms,” but your Denver child custody lawyer will work diligently to ensure that such dynamics are no longer the default. As the concept of family has evolved, Denver child custody attorneys have adapted to serve the needs of both parents and their children. Now, when considering the upbringing of children, courts focus on shared responsibilities, and Colorado law has provided more liberties for Denver child custody attorneys to help both parents exercise appropriate authority and decisions with regard to a child’s education, health, religion, extra-curricular activities, and visitation.

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If you are in search of a savvy, experienced, and compassionate Denver child custody attorney who will have your family’s best interests at heart, contact Vernon Ready. Our Colorado family law firm offers exceptional legal representation in the following areas:

Parenting Plan
Emergency Orders
Child Custody
Temporary Orders Child Custody
Permanent Orders
Modification of Parenting Time
Termination of Parenting Rights
Enforcement of Child Custody Orders
Unmarried Parents
Grandparents’ Rights

Do you have a legal question regarding child custody or parenting time? Call our Denver child custody law firm today, and get your questions answered today. We encourage you to schedule a private consultation with our firm as soon as possible to ensure that your case is well managed from the outset.

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