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Many Parker residents would agree—there are no possessions or properties in this world more valuable than our families and their futures.


Nestled in the northern corner of Colorado, Parker is home to Coloradoan families of all shapes and sizes. It has over 8,000 households, more than half of which have young children. In additional to traditional families, our town has its share of single households, single-parent families, and families living with elderly parents. But regardless of their size or shape, all Parker families encounter important decisions, concerns, and complications that require special attention to ensure their rights and interests are protected. That’s where we come in.


If you are seeking an attorney in Parker with unparalleled expertise in estate planning and family law, we encourage you to get in touch with Vernon Ready. Mr. Ready has been practicing estate planning and family law since 2009, working with Colorado clients and families to protect their rights, interests, and futures. Vernon Ready pulls from his background, extensive resources, and genuine compassion to help clients and their families navigate difficult times, from divorce proceedings to custody disputes. If you are seeking a local Parker attorney who can offer knowledgeable and attentive representation in matters of family law and estate planning, look no further than the law office of Ready Law.


A Colorado Lawyer with Experience in Family Law Matters, including Divorce and Child Custody Cases


As a family law and estate planning attorney in Parker, Vernon Ready has had an opportunity to work with a unique array of families, from married couples to single parents to LGBTQ households. Mr. Parker has helped individuals and families in Parker and across Colorado in a comprehensive range of family and estate planning cases, including:


Adoption. Adoption can be a joyous, but often complex process. Mr. Ready has helped many Parker families welcome new members through successful adoptions, and specializes in stepparent, grandparent, and kinship adoption.


Child support. When making child support decisions, Parker courts typically consider factors such as the financial resources of the parents, division of parenting time, and the emotional or physical needs of the child. Mr. Vernon represents individuals in child support cases, as well as child support enforcement and modification proceedings.


Collaborative divorce. This is an approach to divorce where both spouses agree to work together to reach a fair agreement without court intervention. While such an approach can save time, money, and hardship, it is not right for every family—talk to a knowledgeable family attorney to assess whether the approach is right for you.


Common law marriage. When deciding whether to recognize a common law marriage, Parker courts consider a variety of factors, including mutual consent and assumption of the marriage. It is a good idea to consult with a family law attorney when dealing with issues regarding common law marriages, as disputes can become quite complicated.


Contempt of court. Among families, contempt of court cases typically arise from accusations that one party has not complied with a court order regarding matters such as child support, maintenance, or parenting time. Whether you are pursuing a contempt of court case or defending yourself against one, obtaining exceptional legal representation is essential to ensuring the best outcome for your case.


Divorce and separation. Going through a divorce or separation can be an incredibly stressful, emotional, and complicated experience. A compassionate Parker divorce attorney will be able to guide you through this difficult proceeding, safeguarding the rights of you and your loved ones while minimizing error and complications.


Legal separation. In Colorado, a legal separation acts very similarly to a divorce and the proceedings are nearly identical. However, with a legal separation, both parties may still take advantage of benefits such as health insurance coverage for spouses, and neither can legally remarry. As a seasoned family attorney, Vernon ready can help you assess whether legal separation is right for you, and to navigate the process with expertise and minimal complications.


Marital agreements. Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements are legally binding contracts that can reduce conflict in the event of divorce. It is a good idea to consult with an attorney before signing such an agreement, however, to ensure your individual rights and interests are not compromised.


Marital property and division of assets. Division of assets is one of the most sensitive and complex challenges in divorce proceedings and often gives rise to heated disputes and lengthy legal battles. An experienced family attorney can be an invaluable guide when navigating this often emotionally charged matter, helping you to stay grounded and reach a settlement that protects your rights and interests.


Mediation. Need for mediation often arises in divorce, child support, and custody cases. A knowledgeable Parker lawyer can be an invaluable tool during complex mediation proceedings, ensuring communications are productive and your objectives met.


Parenting time and decision-making authority. In Colorado, parenting time and decision-making authority are the primary elements of what is sometimes referred to as “child custody.”

Parker courts typically assign parents shared parenting time and decision-making responsibilities with regard to important issues such as health, education, and the welfare of their children. A skilled child visitation attorney can help you ensure that your case is resolved in an organized and timely way that minimizes conflict and protects your children.


Protection orders. Protection orders can be useful in family proceedings, barring one party from harm or even coming into contact with another. Protection orders can have a powerful impact on a family, so it is important to seek legal representation whether you are seeking protection for yourself and your family or have been charged with such an order.


Spousal maintenance. In Colorado, alimony is referred to as spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance is used to reduce economic hardship that one spouse might suffer because of loss of the other spouse’s income in a divorce. Mr. Ready has helped numerous Parker families handle many cases involving spousal maintenance, including initial installment, modification, and enforcement.


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If you have any questions regarding family law or estate planning in Colorado, do not hesitate to contact Ready Law. Vernon Ready would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your concerns and answer any questions, and help you determine the best approach for your unique situations. If you do decide to work with Mr. Ready, you may not need to pay a retainer, so cost should never be a factor that prohibits you from seeking legal protection for your family and future.


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