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Power of Attorney in Estate Planning

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Power of Attorney Greenwood Village


Most estate planning documents prepared at Ready Law include both medical and general powers of attorney. The need to grant someone else the authority to act for you can cause understandable trepidation. However, our office is able to draft custom powers of attorney for each client, limiting how, when and under what circumstances the authority is effective. With the appropriate forethought and limiting language, most people can benefit from preparing power of attorney documents in advance.


Creation of a medical power of attorney allows a close relative or friend of your choice to make medical decisions for you should you become incapacitated.

We encourage our clients to consider their medical plans and preferences to allow us to draft guiding documents well in advance of the need. Our medical powers of attorney typically become effective once the client is no longer able to make their own medical decisions or express their own preferences. The purpose of the power of attorney is usually not to replace a client’s judgment with that of someone else. Instead, the power of attorney is intended to allow someone else to act as the client would wherever possible. Medical powers of attorney can grant as much or as little authority as the client desires, including everything from choice of health care providers to end of life decisions.


A general power of attorney is very similar to a medical power of attorney. However, it is intended to allow a trusted appointee to act for the client in a much broader range of activities. Usually the general power of attorney grants the authority to take care of a client’s financial needs and obligations.


Powers of attorney can be drafted to fit an endless variety of individual circumstances, but each involves some inherent risk. Call Ready Law to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can educate you regarding the many benefits and risks of powers of attorney. We can help you draft a power of attorney to fit your circumstances.


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Vernon Ready is an award-winning Colorado lawyer with an in-depth understanding of all areas of family law, estate planning, and personal injury. His energetic and aggressive advocacy approach allow him to successfully navigate complex cases, including high asset divorce and complicated custody issues. During his time at the University of Colorado Law School, Ready won numerous awards for his trial advocacy skills. Since being admitted to practice in 2009, Ready has become well-known throughout Denver and the state for the passionate defense of his clients and his unparalleled understanding of the law.