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When you are dealing with a legal matter that affects not only you but the people you care about, you need to make sure you are working with an attorney who has the experience, in-depth knowledge, and compassion necessary to help you achieve a positive outcome. Attorney Vernon Ready has assisted hundreds of Coloradans with family law issues and civil disputes. Turn to Mr. Ready when you need someone with experience in any of the following practice areas:





Greenwood Village Colorado Division of Marital Property Lawyer

Splitting marital property after a divorce is not as easy as just drawing a line down the middle of a shared home. Division of marital property gets especially complicated when ex-spouses have joint ownership of a home, business, or retirement assets. Disputes can also arise when ex-spouses disagree over what is marital property and what is personal property, making the divorce process all the more painful. Vernon Ready can work with you to help you and your partner focus on your goals and come up with a fair arrangement for the division of shared property.

Greenwood Village Child Custody Lawyer

Let Vernon Ready assist you in coming up with the best arrangement for you and your child after a divorce. Turn to Mr. Ready when you need help creating a parenting plan, modifying parenting time, terminating parenting rights, getting a temporary or permanent order for child custody, or determining custody for unmarried parents

Greenwood Village Estate Planning Lawyer

Protect your family, loved ones, and business interests by working with Vernon Ready to draft your will or any other estate planning document. A contested will is the last thing your loved ones should have to deal with after you’re gone, so let Mr. Ready ensure that your estate planning documents are worded clearly and your last wishes are carried out the way you want

Adoption Lawyer Colorado

Many people in Colorado choose to adopt, whether they are adopting internationally or taking in the child of a family member who can no longer care for their son or daughter. Vernon Ready takes a special interest in step-parent and kinship adoption but can offer guidance and answer questions related to other types of adoption as well

Greenwood Village Child Support Lawyer

While a Colorado court will attempt to fairly determine child support based on how much a parent could have been expected to contribute if the household had remained intact, there are many potential stumbling blocks. A parent who pays child support might lose their job, or find their economic situation otherwise changing, and need a child support modification. Whether you’re the parent who pays or receives child support, Mr. Ready can help you navigate child support issues

Common Law Marriage Lawyer Greenwood Village Colorado

Common law marriage in Colorado can be complex—especially if one party claims to be married while the other denies it. Vernon Ready has experience litigating common law marriage cases, so come to him with any questions you may have about separating from a common law marriage or having a common law marriage validated

Contempt of Court Lawyer Greenwood Villagr

Contempt of court occurs when one party files a motion against another party who has violated a court order, such as falling behind on child support payments of failing to comply with a parenting schedule. If you find yourself facing a contempt of court hearing and think that there’s been a misunderstanding, you still need to take the case seriously and talk with an experienced attorney to determine how to proceed.

Legal Separation Attorney Colorado

Colorado law allows legal separation in place of dissolution of marriage (divorce). The procedure to obtain a legal separation is the same as the procedure to obtain a divorce.

Greenwood Village Divorce Lawyer

When you and your partner are legally separating, you should work with a family lawyer who excels at communication and believes in reaching a fair arrangement rather than placing clients in a “win-lose” situation. Vernon Ready has experience handling complicated divorce cases, including divorces between partners who share the ownership of a business

Greenwood Village Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you are going through mediation as a part of your divorce, it’s a good idea to have an attorney with you to ensure that your best interests are protected. Attorney Ready emphasizes strong communication with both clients and opposing counsel, which makes him a valuable asset during the mediation process

Greenwood Village Protection Orders

No one wants to be in a position where they have to file a protection order (also known as a restraining order) against someone that they once or may still care for. However, if you feel that your former partner poses a threat to you or your children, it may be necessary to work with a compassionate attorney like Vernon Ready to file a temporary or permanent protection order

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Greenwood Village

If you are about to get married, you probably don’t want to think about the possibility of divorce. But while it may not be fun to think about, writing up a pre-nuptial agreement with your partner can make the division of property much less challenging if you do ever separate. Having Vernon Ready write or review your contract can help ensure that you and your partner reach an agreement with which you’re both comfortable

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Greenwood Village

Not every divorce is contentious. When possible, it is best to work with your former spouse towards a collaborative divorce, as this can save you money, prevent emotional duress, and limit time in court. If you and your former partner are interested in trying this approach, consult with Mr. Ready as soon as possible

Greenwood Village Alimony Lawyer

Divorce can have an economic impact that goes much farther than most people originally imagine. For example, if one spouse gave up educational and career advancement opportunities to raise a family or support the other spouse’s career goals, that person might find themselves struggling to find a job that will allow them to maintain their quality of life. In this type of situation, a court may order the other spouse to pay alimony, or spousal maintenance as it’s known in Colorado. Whether you are seeking temporary or permanent spousal maintenance—or a modification to existing spousal maintenance—turn to Vernon Ready for legal counsel


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In addition to the practice areas described above, Vernon Ready is qualified to handle other types of civil cases, including personal injury lawsuits and probate litigation. If you are unsure whether Mr. Ready will be able to take your case, contact the Ready Law Firm to talk to him in person. If it turns out he is unable to take your case, he may be able to refer you to someone who can.


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