Injured By a Big Truck?

I am proud to be a Colorado truck accident lawyer helping injured clients heal and rebuild their lives following truck accidents. Semi trucks tend to weigh more than ten thousand pounds, and frequently weigh up to eighty thousand pounds. Even at relatively low speeds, eighty thousand pounds of truck will do enormous damage upon impact. When a truck of that size is involved in a crash, the odds of serious and lasting injury or death are much higher than most auto collisions.

Adding to that danger is the fact that trucking companies are generally paid by delivery, and drivers are paid by the mile. That means both truckers and their employers have financial reasons to want the delivery done, whether the driver is tired or not. Without regulation, this is a system in conflict with public safety.

The government recognizes the danger, and has created rules to try to reduce it. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes safety rules intended to reduce semi truck crashes. The best known of those rules govern how long a truck driver can drive without taking a break, how long those breaks have to be, and how frequent. Truck drivers sometimes don’t follow those rules, whether because they are being pressured by an employer or because they are paid by the mile. When the interests of semi-truck drivers and trucking companies outweighs concern for the community people get hurt. Badly.


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Colorado Truck Accidents Are High Stakes Cases

With high stakes on both sides of these cases, commercial trucking cases can be very complicated. Injuries are likely more severe, treatment is more disruptive and recovery periods are longer. Trucking companies are often delivering for another company, so there may be additional companies at fault. All this means your choice of Colorado truck accident lawyer can make a huge difference in how much you recover.

Truck accidents tend to involve larger insurance policies than car accident cases. Semi trucks can easily cause very serious or even permanent injuries when they crash. That means the at-fault insurance company probably has more to lose, and can be expected to fight hard to avoid their responsibilities. People who are injured in semi-truck wrecks are suddenly up against several large companies with enormous resources, and may be wondering how they will get a fair outcome.

Getting a Colorado truck accident lawyer to work on your case in the early stages is important. The first offer you get from an insurance company is usually extended just to see how easily they can get out of their liability for your damages. Often these early offers do not fully compensate your losses or take into account all the ways a particular injury has impacted your life.

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You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

You do not need to do this alone, and you probably should not try to. The at-fault company is going to use trained professionals to negotiate for them. Retaining a knowledgeable and passionate Colorado truck accident lawyer to stand for you can make all the difference in your experience and your outcome. With Ready Law working for you, you will not need to worry about being taken advantage of while you are focused on trying to heal. I can do the fighting and negotiating for you. I can help you get the treatment you need. I can identify all the parties who might be liable to you, review all the applicable rules that may have been broken which could have contributed to your injury, and guide you through the entire process.

One of the advantages of having help with your case is knowing what you’re up against, being prepared, and having the advice you need when you need it. All that requires good communication from a truck accident lawyer who is willing to put in the time and effort needed to learn about you, fully understand your injuries, and tell others why your case and your injuries are different and unique.

Reach out to Colorado truck accident lawyer Vernon Ready for expert representation. If you have been injured by a commercial truck, it is important to get help handling your case correctly right from the start. Make the call to Ready Law now.

Get a free consultation with no obligation. In truck accident cases I take my attorney fees out of the money I recover for you. So I do not require any up-front attorney fees. That means we can get started on your case right away, and it also means I am vested in getting you your best possible outcome.

Do not delay. Waiting only gives the insurance company and the trucking company more time to prepare their defense. Do not give them any more of a head start. Call Ready Law now to see how my years of experience litigating a broad range of cases can help you get justice.