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What We Can Learn From Angelina And Brad’s Child Custody Battle

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What We Can Learn From Angelina And Brad's Child Custody Battle

Divorce is something that always has the potential to become emotionally charged and complicated. This is even truer when children are involved. When the couple divorcing is a pair of world-renowned celebrities who share custody of numerous children, all bets are off.


Such is the case with the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The primary battle in the couple’s divorce settlement has revolved around who will get custody of the couple’s six children. In the center of this battle are allegations that Pitt was abusive toward their 15-year old child, Maddox. These allegations have not only put a stain on Pitt’s reputation, but likely severely affected the judge’s custody decision.


Having their dirty laundry aired in public like this is horrible for everyone involved, but it does provide everyone currently considering divorce or even going through one a good opportunity to learn from their mistakes.


What supposedly happened?


The Alleged Incident


Shortly after Jolie Pitt filed for divorce, allegations of Pitt abusing Maddox surfaced. The alleged incident happened on a flight from France to the United States. Pitt was accused of hitting and engaging in verbal abuse. Due to the location of the incident, the case was referred to the FBI.


In early November, Pitt was cleared on all charges of child abuse. However, until a judge reaches a final divorce settlement for the couple, the incident will hang over the case and could impact custody decisions.


California, like many states, prefers to give couples joint custody of their children. It allows more freedom for visitation and provides each parent with the opportunity to have input in making important decisions for their child.


But cases of abuse or domestic violence are often the exception to the rule. If a judge feels that a child or a spouse may be in danger due to the other spouse’s history of violence or abuse, sole custody may be awarded.


In the case of Angelina and Brad, Jolie Pitt was awarded sole custody of her six children. Both actors temporarily agreed to this arrangement back in late September, and a judge upheld the decision a few weeks later.


Now that Pitt’s name has been cleared, he has filed for joint custody, but must wait until a judge makes a final decision. Until then, he still has visitation rights. In that, he is incredibly lucky – not all parties accused of child abuse get to continue seeing their children.


What This Means for You


Colorado Child Custody Attorney

Even though Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt are celebrities, they are still subject to the laws of their state governing divorce and child custody. In fact, in many ways they are undergoing similar processes to the ones you could face in Colorado.


Even if you are just accused of child abuse or domestic violence during divorce proceedings, the allegations can have a serious effect on the judge’s rulings. As in the case of Jolie and Pitt, accusations may lead to temporary custody agreements or even a temporary restraining order held against you.


In some cases, your right to see your children may lie in the hands of an ex who is making false accusations out of spite. Worse, if you are found guilty of these charges, your problems will not stop at child custody: you may face criminal charges, incarceration, and the loss of some of your fundamental rights.


To fight for the right to see your children and clear your name in a timely manner, you owe it to yourself and your family to hire a skilled Colorado family lawyer. A knowledgeable, experienced representative can help you clear your name, and may even allow you to avoid a dramatic court date altogether through mediation and alternative dispute resolutions.


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