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It’s About You!

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Don’t let them turn you, or someone you care about, into just another file number. You’re here because an injury changed your life. The other side WILL try to de-humanize that. It benefits them if everyone thinks of all this as a file number or a “claim”. A transaction that ends when a file is closed and archived.

Some law firms even do the same thing with their own clients. It is easier for them if all their cases are processed the same way, and any of the messy details we know as ‘human reality’ are just ignored. When those come together, the whole personal injury process is de-humanizing, and in that scenario your hope for fair treatment will likely remain just that. Don’t let them do it. Choose an attorney who not only sees you as a person, but choose an attorney who sees the value in showing the humanity in what happened to you. It’s about you. Keep it that way.

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Is an insurance company pushing you to settle your case quickly? If you have been seriously injured by someone else, you may be the only person who even cares about getting you full and fair compensation, until now. Most insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. If an insurance company is working to reduce their payment to you, you should have someone working just as hard to make sure you get full and fair compensation.

I am a Denver personal injury lawyer, and I help injured clients throughout Colorado by getting right to work preparing their best case, and by relentlessly keeping the focus on the person who was injured and on what happened to them.

Insurance companies will likely assign a team of experts to your case to try to reduce your claim. They will probably push you to settle your case before you even know the full cost of medical treatment. Their goal is typically to pay as little as they can on any claim, and this is just one example of how they try to do that.

Can you refuse to answer their questions? Are you required to offer a statement? The answers can depend upon the facts of your case.

Throughout a personal injury case, expert representation can make all the difference to your outcome. I help my clients identify potentially liable parties, review insurance contracts and insurance coverages, gather and present important evidence, and deal with witnesses and courts. I guide my clients through each step of the legal process and keep them informed about what our next steps will be.

I Will Personally Work Your Case from Start to Finish

Unlike some of my larger competitors, I do not assign cases to junior lawyers after signing a new client. I work my cases from start to finish. With Ready Law, you do not have to worry about having your case passed around from lawyer to lawyer. When you call my office, I call you back. You don’t get screened by a paralegal or legal assistant. My clients enjoy plenty of direct contact with me throughout their case.

I love the work I do as a Denver personal injury lawyer. I personally help people like you prepare and present their best personal injury case. I am proud to be a trial lawyer, and I appreciate every opportunity to litigate on behalf of injured people in Colorado. My trial experience helps my injury clients trust that their legal claims are being moved forward by an experienced, committed and knowledgeable lawyer. Because I work every case myself, my clients know their lawyer knows their case inside and out, and they never have to worry about having their case handed off to a new lawyer just before trial.

Not every case needs to go all the way to trial. Sometimes a client prefers to settle out of court, and in some cases that can benefit the client.

However, some cases just need to go to trial. If you have one of those, I will thoroughly prepare your case myself for a jury trial. As an experienced Colorado personal injury lawyer, I understand that sometimes the only way to get my clients the full and fair compensation they deserve is to go to trial and ask a jury to award it. In those cases, I carefully prepare my clients by educating them about the trial process, the risks and rewards of turning to the courts for justice, and their role in presenting the full truth to the judge and jury.

Injury victims can trust Denver personal injury lawyer Vernon Ready to honestly evaluate their case, truly seek to understand the impact of their injuries, and identify the evidence needed to obtain their best outcome. My clients are not numbers to me. Ready Law does not buy into the “big firm” mentality that churns out a huge volume of settlements without much concern for the suffering of the people behind the cases.

I work hard to resolve cases prior to trial. However, each case is also being prepared for a possible trial from day one. If you believe your case may be a trial case, you will benefit from an experienced and passionate trial lawyer. Choose an attorney with experience in front of both judges and juries, and someone who knows Colorado state courts. Get Ready.

Personalized Representation

Getting to Know You. Taking a Stand for You.

I help people who have been harmed by the wrongdoing of others. That harm may have occurred during a seemingly simple car accident, or may involve catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Regardless of how “big law” might classify your injury, at Ready Law I will put in the effort needed to know and tell our story. I want to fully understand your injury, or every way in which the death of someone close to you has changed your life. That deeper understanding is part of what motivates me to help victims of negligence. I believe it is a foundation for authenticity that others can sense when I argue for you.

Some of the most common causes of wrongful injury I can help with are set out here on this page. Many have their own dedicated pages to provide more information specific to those cases. However, if you do not see something similar to your case represented here, Ready Law may still be able to help you.

Call me for a free consultation at 303-339-8846.

If you do not see a case similar to yours here, do not assume that I am unable to help. This list is merely an example of the types of cases Ready Law takes on regularly. Get in contact with my office, and I will be happy to talk to you about your case.


Do Not Hire a Firm That Sees You as Just a File

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How will you choose a personal injury lawyer? The fact that you are reading this indicates it won’t be as simple as calling the first phone number you see on television. You are more careful than that. Maybe you are looking for someone who will take your case to trial if needed. Maybe you want to find a lawyer you feel you can trust, and someone with experience. Above all, you probably want someone you believe will actually care about your case, and not just say that to get you in the door. If all these are true, you are looking for me.

Selecting someone with experience handling cases like yours is a good start, but there are plenty of law firms who handle hundreds, or even thousands, of injury claims each year. Why go with a smaller law firm? Why should you care if you choose the attorney you will work with, or if someone else in a large firm simply assigns someone to you?

There are a number of things that you should look for in a lawyer. First and foremost, do you trust that the attorney you are hiring actually cares about you and your case? Many large injury firms advertise one attorney but assign cases to associates based on the firm’s overall workload. You may meet with one “closer” attorney for intake, then have your case assigned to another lawyer once you have signed up. Going to trial could mean shifting over to yet another attorney in the office. Sometimes your case gets moved simply because a new attorney is hired and the workload needs to be shifted around. That is not choosing a lawyer. That is more like throwing your case in with mountains of other cases and hoping for the best.

If I accept your case, you will work directly with me from start to finish. You will personally meet me before representation even begins. You will meet with me to discuss your case as it progresses, and if your case goes to trial I will personally help you prepare for that phase as well. At Ready Law, you know your attorney and your attorney knows you. My clients know they will not be shuffled around. They know that when they are trying to choose an attorney, they can evaluate my communication, my competence, and my drive right from the start.

You are not a number here.

There are plenty of Denver personal injury lawyers to choose from. But when you choose Ready Law, you get a legal professional who understands that getting the best possible outcome requires more than just knowing his way around a courtroom. I pride myself on being:

Accessible, Communicative, and Driven.
Being seriously injured is stressful enough. Pursuing an injury case simply adds to the stress of recovery. It may be confusing. The lawyers for the insurance company will claim you are lying, or at least exaggerating your injury. That will probably happen more than once, especially if we file a lawsuit. There are times when the legal side of things will seem slow to you. At least while you are in treatment, there is no way to avoid that. Clients tend to come to me feeling that recovering from their injury is enough to deal with without also trying to go toe to toe with a giant insurance company to negotiate a fair outcome.

To help combat these feelings and keep you informed, I make myself as available as possible. I keep you updated and drive your case toward your best possible outcome as quickly as possible. I use my experience to prepare you for what is coming. If I am in court or a meeting when you call, I will return your call before the end of the next business day. All these benefits rely on good communication between us. This is why it’s important to have direct access to your lawyer. Having every call answered by a staff member is never going to feel quite as good to you.

In addition to trying hard to be accessible, I believe it is very important to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case. You are unlikely to hear “I’m the lawyer. Just go with what I tell you” from me. I want you to know what is going on with your case, and I want you to know why. You will have options and decisions to make as your case moves forward, and I will keep you informed along the way.  The law can get complicated. So my ability to communicate with a client is important, and I try to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

Like many of you, I am motivated by righting wrongs. That is one of the reasons I do not accept every potential case. What that means for those clients I do work with is that I am genuinely engaged in their case. I believe in them. When I evaluate my work, I need to feel I have done something valuable. I am in this job to make a difference for people. That means I care about what happened to you, how it impacts you, and how I can help. At Ready Law, I show that I care by committing my time and efforts to help my injured clients recover, and to stop those responsible from injuring others.

Don’t be Rushed or Bullied into Settlement.
Like most big businesses, insurance companies often have a few primary goals that can sometimes get in the way of doing what is right. Their goals usually do not include making sure the injured are fully taken care of. That’s what they tell people when they are selling the policies.  Unfortunately it is rarely the most apparent goal when they are dealing with actual claims. In that context it just seems their goal is to increase revenue and decrease expenses. Their contractual obligations to compensate for injuries and other losses are expenses they would like to reduce.

It is simple enough to see the true goals of an insurance company when they may attempt to rush settlements, obstruct claims, or even threaten or bully those they owe compensation to. None of those tactics work out when you are represented by a personal injury attorney who cares about getting you a fair outcome. A thorough knowledge of the law regarding wrongful injury and wrongful death, courtroom experience, and a high level of personal preparation will overcome any attempts by an insurance company to bully or intimidate.

I can be an advocate in your corner who will not stop battling for you until every legal option has been exhausted. I understand how much the outcome of your case can impact not only your life but also the lives of your family members. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously. If you hire me, I can deal with the legal case while you focus on healing.

What Clients Say About

 by A.B. on Ready Law

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney this is the place you need to go. They are professional and actually care about you. I highly recommend ready law, especially if you have had a car accident or have had some other personal injury. You won't be disappointed!

 by G.S. on Ready Law

I truly recommend Vern for counsel if you or someone you care for have been injured. Get Ready to meet an amazing lawyer who personally cares and helps those he meets. Vern is so much more than legal counsel. He is so passionate about helping those around him.

 by J.O. on Ready Law

If you are looking for an attorney who cares about you and your case, I highly recommend Vern. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, impressive attorney who gets right to work preparing the best case for you. If you have been injured, he is the best man for the job.

 by P.M. on Ready Law

Vern is extremely knowledgeable and does an excellent job of going above and beyond the status quo set by insurance companies. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.

 by A.B. on Ready Law

Vern is an outstanding personal injury attorney. He takes the time to get to know each client, and handles each case individually. You’ll never feel like “just a case number” with his firm representing you.

 by Peter on Ready Law

Vernon is a credit to his profession and is clearly a person that has a solid moral compass. I called his firm to gather some legal advise and he called back within 20 minutes and volunteered 20 minutes of his time, giving me far more than expected. And to top it off suggested I may well be able to achieve my desired result without legal representation. Without doubt this is the easiest recommendation I’ve ever made.

 by Michelle on Ready Law
Mr Ready

Mr Ready has a high level of integrity. He works diligently to find as much information as possible for his clients best outcome. He explains things clearly and takes his time to make sure the clients understand. My family and I are extremely happy and confident with Mr Ready.

 by R.B. on Ready Law

Vern Ready is my family’s hero. My ex-wife called me on the phone at work. As she had a restraining order in place and I answered I soon found myself under arrest. This was very bad in more than one way. First I have position that requires I maintain a security clearance, second I am a single father, this could cost me my job and all that comes with employment, house, car, food, etc. Lucky for us I found Vernon Ready. This was my second arrest for a domestic violence/non-violent (DV) issue.

 by K.Black. on Ready Law

Attorney Vernon Ready (located in Denver,CO) represented me in my divorce.Even though this was one of the more difficult times in my life,attorney Vernon Ready made the legal aspect one less thing I had to worry about.Attorney Ready was thorough,prepared and confident.He put my mind at ease and did a great job handling my case.I was able to put my divorce behind me and I have moved on to better things!Attorney Vernon Ready comes highly recommended in

 by J h on Ready Law
Highly Recommend

Vernon Ready handled my child custody case. I was overwhelmed and he made the whole process seamless. He was approachable and made me feel that he was doing everything possible to win my case. He is affordable and conscience of my desire to stay with in my retainer and to not over charge me. I would highly recommend him and would hire him again if I ever needed an attorney in the

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Being seriously injured is bad enough. Most people involved in a motor vehicle accident where the other driver is at fault did nothing wrong themselves. They are victims of someone else’s poor decision. If you find yourself in a situation like that, you should not have to fight for fair and full compensation alone. However, it is important to choose a lawyer you can talk to, someone you know will actually be working your case from start to finish, and someone you believe can help you prepare and present your best possible facts.

Contact Ready Law as soon as possible. Time matters. If you are seeking a Denver personal injury lawyer, call me now to get your case moving in the right direction.  The faster an experienced attorney starts helping you to craft a strong case, the more likely you are to achieve your best possible outcome.

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