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Attorney Vernon Ready offers representation that stands apart for its personalized attention, energetic advocacy, and authentic passion. Most people who come to this website are seeking help with a divorce or child custody case. Maybe your divorce involves unresolved parenting time or child-related decision-making issues. Ready-Law can help. Together, divorce and child custody practice make up almost all of the caseload here at Ready Law.


Attorney Vernon Ready can guide you through the process, whether your case is amicable and straight-forward, or complex and high-conflict.


Mr. Ready will get to know you and your goals, help you focus on the strengths in your case while mitigating and improving upon any vulnerabilities. Vernon Ready also understands the importance of ongoing communication. He will communicate with you throughout the entire divorce process. Ready Law clients know what is happening with their case, and why.


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Of course, you have choices. Choosing the right attorney can be difficult. There are plenty of other divorce lawyers in the Denver metro area. Some are excellent advocates. Some are not. Some make the process and outcome better for their clients, and some bluster and spew hot air all while leading their clients right into a significant loss. We have worked with all kinds. Often clients turn to Ready Law for help after becoming unhappy with another law firm.


We have heard from many clients who started with other firms and other attorneys. Some have said that their concerns were waived off, communication was minimal, strategies were not well communicated or maybe they were not even formulated. Most of them say that representation with the other firm began with nothing but promises and reassurance. Only as a trial or a contested hearing drew near did these attorneys start to educate their clients about risks and vulnerabilities.


At Ready Law, we believe in striking the right balance between passionate advocacy and honest education, right from the start. The best decisions are based upon good information. That is most likely why you are reading this. The same applies to getting the best possible outcome in your divorce.


Divorce and child custody disputes typically involve ongoing negotiation with the other side. As a client and as a litigant, you need reliable, objective information to make the best use of that opportunity. Consider that reality when you ask yourself if you would prefer to work with someone who just reassures you that you have no reason to worry. Usually, the same lawyer who will also brag about being a rabid pit bull. Don’t fall for it. Instead, choose someone who is the right combination of a passionate advocate for your goals as well as honest, informative, and communicative with you from the beginning.


It is an unfortunate truth that in the practice of law, especially in the field of family law, many people believe their best approach is to be as inflexible and unreasonable as possible. Having to deal with these opposing parties and opposing lawyers yourself can be difficult. Attorney Vernon Ready is not deterred by bullies and people who are generally unreasonable. It is merely part of the job. Let us help you deal with the opposing party or the opposing lawyer. Attorney Vernon Ready has handled bullies in the past, with excellent results. Contact us now for help.


There is no charge for an initial consultation. You can sit down with Attorney Vernon Ready and discuss precisely how Ready Law can help with your case.


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Choosing an attorney can be a very personal choice. Whom do you feel you can get along with? Who seems committed to listening to you and communicating well? Who seems to understand the divorce process and, just as importantly, does the attorney have experience with cases similar to yours? Consider the testimonials of past clients as well as recognition from peers to determine if a lawyer is going to provide you with the level of service that you deserve.


Attorney Vernon Ready attended the University of Colorado Law School, where he won numerous awards for trial advocacy excellence. He has been practicing law in Colorado since 2009, and has continued to be recognized for helping families with cases involving:

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Vernon Ready provides just the right combination of superior communication, aggressive representation, and genuine compassion to guide clients through a difficult time. When you work with Attorney Ready, you can expect someone who is:


  • Accessible

    One of the most common complaints against Colorado attorneys is a failure to return phone calls. Vernon Ready almost always responds to calls and emails within one business day. Clients at Ready Law even receive a private link that allows them to directly schedule a telephone conference with Vernon Ready, right on the attorney’s calendar.


    Mr. Ready takes communication very seriously because he understands that his clients are in a stressful situation, and he wants to reduce that stress as much as possible by offering unsurpassed accessibility, along with clear explanations of case status, strategy, and goals.


  • Assertive

    Vernon Ready will take a strong stand on your behalf. Some attorneys become less motivated to accomplish the work as a case progresses. Some actively avoid going to trial or contested hearings. Vernon Ready has always been passionate about trial advocacy, and a long history of awards and successes suggest you are in good hands at Ready Law.


    While it is impossible for any attorney to guarantee a specific outcome, Vernon Ready will help you identify and present your best possible case.


  • Caring

    Vernon Ready recognizes that you may be going through an incredibly difficult time, and he will remain both level-headed and compassionate when working with you. Mr. Ready cares about more than attorney fees; he sincerely wants to educate and assist clients who are faced with tough decisions or complex legal problems.

  • Driven

    Attorney Ready enjoys advocating for his clients and is motivated to help them achieve their most important goals. Whether he is going through a friendly negotiation with the opposing counsel or taking an aggressive stand for your rights in court, Mr. Ready will make every effort to help you succeed.


Attorney Vernon Ready

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The Ready Law Approach:
Limited Caseload, Personalized Attention

When choosing an attorney, it is essential to pay attention to the amount of time a lawyer will be able to dedicate to your case. Large firms appeal to some people because they seem to have more resources, but these prominent firms often take on a much higher volume of clients, and cannot give each client the personal attention that they need. Often clients will start with one attorney only to have their case moved to another attorney part of the way through a case. In a large firm, you may show up to court to find the appearance is being covered by another attorney you haven’t even met yet. Even small firms often overload themselves, accepting every case that comes along at a meager flat rate to turn a profit.


Our firm has worked across from law firms that attempt to offer limited representation, meaning only for specific issues and under certain conditions. Unlike unbundled legal services for purposes of document review and drafting, this half-representation on select topics leaves everyone involved, including the client, confused about where and when the attorney will or will not help.


Ready Law operates from a different approach. We work on a limited number of cases based on interest and compatibility with the client. We believe that being selective indeed makes a difference because Vernon Ready can dedicate all the time and energy necessary to pursue a favorable outcome in each case. If Vernon Ready accepts your case, he is all in. He strives to make sure that all his clients have a positive experience working with him from beginning to end and that each client understands what is happening every step of the way.


Ready Law uses an electronic case tracking system to stay organized. This increased access to relevant case information allows for file review and updates inside and outside the office or courtroom. As a client, you can rest assured that your case status is regularly reviewed, and schedules are always available when you need to know what is next.


Ready Law offers both the personal care and the attention to detail that you want when you have important and personal issues at stake.


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Vernon handled my divorce case from start to finish with complete professionalism. He kept me up to date through the whole thing and brought my case to a favorable outcome in the end. I would recommen...


Vernon, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did in representing me on such short notice. You were very precise & straightforward. Your fee was very affordable & I felt like yo...


Not only did we get our "best case scenario" outcome, but we got it faster than we ever anticipated!! Thank...


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