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Denver Car Accident Lawyer: Vern Ready

At Ready Law, I help victims of all types of car accidents. My goals are to get my clients fully compensated and hold wrongdoers accountable, and, as a result, make our communities safer. You want an experienced trial lawyer who is a top Denver car accident lawyer. You do not want to get lost in the shuffle among thousands of other cases at one of Denver’s larger law firms. No doubt you are hoping to find someone who will both stand up for you and keep you informed about what is going on with your case. I bring all these things to my clients. I am a voice for the injured, and I take pride in holding insurance companies to their promises.

Why choose car accident lawyer Vernon Ready?

1. You pay nothing to get started

  • If I take your car accident case, I get paid a percentage of the money I recover for you.
  • If I don’t recover money for you, I don’t get paid.

2. Energetic and personalized representation

  • Your case isn’t just like every other case. But if your lawyer thinks it is, why would the insurance company or a jury ever see what makes it different? I learn about what makes your case stand out and then I make sure others see it too.
  • I care about my clients and I am passionate about their cases. Clients can tell and so can insurance companies.

3. Communication

  • My clients know what is going on in their case and why.
  • When you call, you speak to me, not a non-lawyer case manager.
  • If you have to leave a message, I guarantee a call back within 24 hours.

4. Expert trial lawyer

  • I love what I do and it shows. Nothing compares to getting more for a deserving client, and I am always in search of new ways to get more for them.
  • I have been succeeding in front of Colorado jurors and judges for over 10 years. If your case needs to go to trial, go there with someone who is experienced and comfortable in Colorado courts.
  • I work each case from start to finish myself. Your case never gets handed off to another lawyer, and I put in the work to get you the best result you can get.

Car accident cases are not all the same

Many car accidents result in no injuries at all. Some insurance adjustors and some jurors will assume your injuries are no big deal. Sometimes that is because they were in an accident at some point and they were not seriously injured. That does not mean they are bad people. It means they are uninformed.  It means you can’t expect them to start with anything close to a good understanding of your case.

Because they have not experienced it themselves, the decision-makers will not have any idea how your car accident injuries have impacted your life. You need someone who cares enough to educate them. Choosing a Denver car accident lawyer who sees your case as just another file (which is how the insurance company will see it at first), or another rear-end collision that is just like their last 300 rear-end collision cases, is a sure path to settling for less, right from the start.

It may be difficult to foresee the various losses and damages often associated with a serious injury. It takes time and attention to get to know how each injury impacts each person I work with.

A Denver car accident lawyer who actually cares about you and your case will discuss your specific injuries with you in detail. At Ready Law, I dive deep for detail. I will carefully review exactly how your injury occurred. I want to learn how your injury and recovery progressed. As a client at Ready Law, you will have multiple opportunities to explain how your injury impacts your daily life.

My approach to representation can differ from that of more hands-off personal injury law firms. But my emphasis on thoroughness and communication can make for a better outcome.

Consider how a more personal approach to a car accident case can pay off for you. When your attorney is on the phone with an insurance adjuster, would you prefer it be someone who barely knows you and is simply relying upon the same assumptions the adjuster starts with? Would you prefer a Denver car accident lawyer who has a good understanding of how your injury has impacted your life? Which do you think is more likely to result in full and fair compensation? I believe insurance adjusters and jurors are more likely to take your case seriously if your lawyer knows you and your injuries.

Common car accident injuries

Here are some of the more common car accident injuries I see in my car accident injury practice:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • including neck and upper and lower back injuries
  • herniated disc
  • muscle and tendon injuries, including whiplash
  • bone fractures
  • shoulder injuries
  • concussion syndrome/traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • knee trauma
  • post traumatic stress.

Although no two cases are the same, it can be helpful to know that your attorney is familiar with injuries like yours. My experience with car accident injuries helps clients establish some starting expectations and avoid mistakes. Experience is a useful and important asset unless and until it is allowed to become a limitation on what is possible.

Experience with car accident injuries can help clients identify related symptoms they may have otherwise overlooked. A good example of this is a vision problem arising after a head injury that occurred during a car accident. Head injuries that occur during car accidents can lead to many other symptoms and issues as well, including nausea and problems with speech. Familiarity with these common car accident injuries can help us identify accident-related injuries that might otherwise be overlooked.

The list above contains just a few of the more common examples of injuries sustained in car accidents. If you do not see your injury listed here, feel free to call 720-201-3802 to discuss the specific facts of your case with me.

Why would I need a Denver car accident lawyer?

A Denver car accident lawyer can help you by limiting your exposure to the insurance company, and taking care of the evidence gathering, case preparation, negotiation, deadlines, etc. while you focus on recovering. In most cases, that means a better outcome for you.

No attorney can guarantee a specific outcome. However, consistent experience indicates people who have been injured in a car accident are more likely to get full and fair compensation for their injuries with the assistance of a car accident lawyer. The law and procedure governing injury cases can be complex, even for cases that seem relatively simple to those who do not work in this industry. In Colorado, some favorable state laws protecting people who have been injured in car accidents could be “missed” or ignored entirely by an insurance company accustomed to handling claims in all 50 states.

Without the help of a Denver car accident lawyer, the at-fault party can, and often will, make improper arguments about how to resolve your case, failing to account for all of your rights. If you do not know what to look for, you may have no idea when this is happening.

The complexity and demands of effectively filing and pursuing a formal lawsuit require the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer. It is the threat of a hard-fought formal lawsuit that motivates insurance companies to pay full and fair compensation, right from the start of your car accident injury case.

Although it is certainly possible to attempt to pursue a formal lawsuit without an attorney, the likely outcome in that scenario probably will not worry the insurance company too much. Attempting to resolve your injury claim without the help of a Denver car accident lawyer can give the impression that your claim does not need to be taken as seriously. They know you are either not going to file a formal lawsuit until you do get the help of a car accident lawyer, or if you attempt to do so on your own, your lawsuit probably will not be viewed as much of a threat to them.

When should I get a car accident lawyer?

Delay can harm your car accident case. I can help my clients get the treatment they need while a case is still pending, and I can even handle the property damage portions of a case. Some common time-sensitive issues in car accident cases include preservation of evidence, obtaining appropriate treatment, statements to insurance companies, release of health information, and required notices to parties, just to name a few.

Timing is very important in car accident injury cases. It is critical that you get the medical and legal help you need right away. If you have been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, you should call me without delay.

There is no need to wait for an office meeting. We can talk about your case by phone, or we can use video chat. Regardless of how we do it, it is important to meet sooner and reduce delay. I understand that it is not always possible for my clients to come to my office right away. As we have all learned recently, sometimes we are unable to leave home or the hospital in order to meet with a Denver car accident lawyer. Do not let that stop you from making the call now. I take accessibility seriously, and I am committed to a superior level of service. Just give me a call, and we can talk about how best to get your case started.

Injury victims are not just files

If you become a client at Ready Law, I will learn about your life. I will be informed about your injuries. I will demand compensation for your true damages and losses. The importance of getting the right information about your life and injuries cannot be overstated. A huge factor in how your case is resolved is your lawyer’s ability to describe your suffering to others. Whether that is an insurance adjuster or a jury in a trial, your lawyer absolutely must be able to persuasively humanize you and your losses. That is what I do.  I enjoy taking good cases to trial, and showing jurors exactly why and how they can right a wrong.

Jurors in a courtroom have a special opportunity to do the right thing. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to act with government authority to right a wrong. It is almost always an injured client’s only opportunity to be made whole.  In this one-shot scenario, get Ready to put forward your best case.

How do you want your lawyer to view your case?

Insurance companies may see you and your injury as an open file or a problem to resolve by paying as little as possible. Do not make the mistake of putting your case in the hands of a large firm that sees you the same way the insurance company does. Insurance companies have their own interests in mind. Generally, they just want your claim to go away. Why should they be the ones to decide what your case is worth? You do not have to work with a car accident lawyer who values your case based entirely upon what an insurance company assumes about it.

Injury lawyers should never value a case based solely on what an insurance company wants to pay. Injury lawyers should be valuing cases based on what a jury is likely to award, and should make every effort to make the insurance company see things from that perspective too. It is well past time for Denver car accident lawyers to stop treating similar cases as the same case. We should be defining the value of each case based on your injuries and suffering, as well as the harm done by the defendant. That requires a knowledge of your life and circumstances.

At Ready Law, my clients are not numbers and they are not files. My clients are not claims. My clients are people with important lives just like the employees at the big insurance companies are. They are good people just like jurors are. Part of what draws me to this work is making both insurance companies and jurors see my clients as the people they are. Helping others understand my clients’ suffering and loss drives me to work harder and be a better lawyer.

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