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Injury victims should be given the opportunity to focus on healing. But getting the help you need after being injured, and recovering all the compensation you are entitled to, is a complicated and demanding process. That’s where Ready Law can help. My clients can focus on healing and getting the treatment they need while I get them justice.

Let me help you:

  • Estimate the value of your case;
  • Evaluate insurance coverage and contracts;
  • Identify all potentially liable parties;
  • Deal with adjusters, witnesses, and the courts;
  • Gather and present important evidence;
  • Guide you and inform you through the entire legal process;
  • Get you the best settlement possible, or take your case to trial!

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Ready Law is a full-service injury law firm. That means I accept clients intending to take their cases to trial if a settlement is not reached. I do not refer cases away just because they look like they are going to go to trial. Some law firms rely on taking in huge numbers of cases, hoping those cases will settle easily. At Ready Law, I only take on cases, causes, and people I believe in.

Many injury victims contact larger firms with the expectation that they will be represented by someone they saw on a commercial or billboard. Their cases are usually assigned to some attorney they’ve never heard of, and often that is an overworked, underpaid associate attorney.

I am a personal injury lawyer with a more personal approach. Ready Law is a firm with goals that center on compassion and superior service. That means I get to know my clients personally, and I invest time into understanding how each client’s injury impacts their day-to-day life. At Ready Law, clients are more than files and numbers, and I am committed to growing by providing a better experience that is rooted in actually caring about what happens to the people I help.


One of the most important factors to consider in your choice of a Colorado personal injury lawyer is the quality of communication. Every client gets my personal cell phone number. It’s not an office cell that I pretend is personal. It’s the same number my kids use.  I have helped many new clients who complain that other lawyers would never answer the phone or return their calls. Clients at Ready Law enjoy excellent access to their attorney, timely responses, and clear communication. My clients know what is happening in their case, and why.

Contingency/Percentage Fees

In most injury cases, I get paid a percentage of whatever I recover for you. So if your case ends in settlement or a win at trial, I will be paid directly from your winnings. That means no up-front attorney fees for you, and it means I am invested in your case. This way, your access to justice is not as limited by your current financial circumstance. All you have to do is call to get started.

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I am an experienced and compassionate trial lawyer. I care about my clients. At Ready-Law, my clients can trust that I am on their side, and that I am working hard to get them their best possible outcome.