Denver Injury Attorney Vern Ready

Finding a lawyer is easy. Finding the best lawyer for you and for your case may not be as simple as making one call. It helps to think about what you might be looking for – both in terms of legal acumen and interpersonal skills.

Why would an injury victim decide to hire Vern Ready?

Depth and breadth of knowledge.

No two cases are truly the same. Vern Ready’s broad experience in litigation helps him see how your case is different, rather than seeing it as just one in a stack of cases that all seem the same. Vern Ready is not just a car accident lawyer. Nor does he focus solely on trucking, or slip and fall, or wrongful death cases. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the laws pertaining to those types of cases, but he is also well-versed in Colorado injury law in general. Over the course of his career, Vern has handled a very broad range of lawsuits and even divorces and criminal cases. That means Attorney Ready is no stranger to courtrooms and standing in front of both judges and juries. Ready Law does not operate by settling hundreds of cases that are all the same type, all handled the same way. Attorney Vern Ready has made a career of being in court and has appeared in courtrooms all over the state of Colorado, on a wide range of issues and for a very diverse group of clients. If you think your case might benefit from someone who can think about what makes your case unique, rather than someone who does the same thing on every case, call to schedule an appointment. Vernon Ready’s approach to bringing together deep legal knowledge and a variety of courtroom experiences could make all the difference in your ability to get your best possible outcome.

Life Experience (Before Law).

Vern grew up in Georgia, detoured to Central America for a couple of years, then relocated to Colorado while serving in the U.S. Air Force.  Vern became the first member of his family to attend college while serving in the Air Force. Following his service in the Air Force Vern worked as a contractor in the defense community, then left to attend law school on a full scholarship at the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder, CO. By the time Vern started law school he was married, had two children, and owned a home in the Denver area.

Legal Experience.

Before starting Ready Law, Vern Ready worked with the Colorado 4th Judicial District in Colorado Springs and in the Arapahoe Branch of the Colorado Public Defender’s office. There, he managed a trial-bound caseload and was able to participate in extensive trial advocacy training. Vern also worked for a law firm specializing in litigating injury cases among others. At Ready Law, Vern has successfully represented clients in injury cases as well as criminal, divorce, business, and probate matters. This wide range of experience not only means Mr. Ready has a solid knowledge of court procedures, but demonstrates his comfort with cases involving very different facts and circumstances.

Attorney Vern Ready recently coached mock trial teams for a local high school and has coached and judged trial advocacy competitions at the high school, college, and law school levels. Mr. Ready enjoys developing trial advocacy skills and talents in others and believes doing so helps improve his own skills along the way. The best are always learning. By teaching others everything from arguing motions, evidentiary objections, cross-examination techniques, and how to deliver more powerful and effective closing arguments, Attorney Vernon Ready continues to grow and learn as well.

Vern Ready’s broad range of interests and experiences mean your case will get the individual attention and unique strategy you would want from any lawyer. You are not just a number here, and Vern never assumes he has seen a case just like yours before.

Exceptional communication.

Most clients who come to Ready Law after working with a larger law firm bring stories about a lack of communication with their previous attorney. To some extent, this can be explained by a person choosing a large law firm that shuffles their case around from attorney to attorney, or just assigns hundreds of cases to lawyers without much experience. Those clients initially chose a law firm, but were not given the opportunity to choose the lawyer they would actually end up working with. They grow even more frustrated by their inability to have reliable or meaningful communication with that assigned lawyer, and in some cases the lawyer assigned to their case may suddenly be switched with another.

At Ready Law, Vern Ready personally handles each case from start to finish. Clients are not just choosing a firm, they are choosing their lawyer. Vern communicates with his clients every step of the way. When you first meet with him, he will sit down with you, not just to go over the facts of your case, but to explain your options, and how the process of obtaining full compensation works, step by step. He also uses an electronic tracking system for all cases to make it easier to keep things organized and to keep clients informed between in-person meetings about developments in their case.

Vern Ready is responsive. If he cannot answer when you call, he will call back the next business day, at the latest.

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Determined and passionate.

Many law firms judge the success of their attorneys by monitoring the total number of hours billed or case files resolved. If a lawyer only sees you as a number, how much effort do you think he or she is likely to put into helping you to get a positive outcome? How prepared will that lawyer be to talk with an insurance adjuster about the true impact your injury has had on your life? The insurance adjuster will see your injury and your life as just another file on their desk. Why would you choose a lawyer who views your case the same way? What hope would you have of standing out and having your true story told?

Vern Ready answers to his clients, not to a board of partners at a large, numbers-focused law firm. He is passionate in his belief that everyone deserves to have the strongest representation possible, and that is exactly what he is determined to give to every one of his clients. From the moment he takes your case, Vern Ready will use his knowledge and skill to fight for you. He is not intimidated by large insurance companies because he knows his clients are good people with good causes and real needs. Mr. Ready does not have to rely on bluffs, and neither should you.

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You Are Not A Number Here

You do not have to give up your personal dignity to pursue justice. You do not have to work with someone who does not actually care about you. You can get justice working with an attorney who is authentic, compassionate, interested in learning about you and your injuries, and who answers the phone when you call.

You may not want to sue. You probably wish you did not have to sue to get fair compensation. However, the medical bills are unavoidable, as is the suffering you experience every day. Vern understands that. Sometimes we do not have to file a lawsuit to get you full and fair compensation. Often, our thorough and meticulous investigation, followed by a persuasive demand letter and direct negotiation with insurance adjusters persuades the insurance company to offer full and fair compensation.

However, no amount of negotiating will be truly effective if the insurance company does not believe your case could go to trial. Vern Ready is ready and willing to take cases to trial when necessary, and starts evaluating each case for likelihood of success at trial right from the start. Injury victims come to lawyers seeking justice, and sometimes justice has to come from a jury in a courtroom.

The process of negotiating a legal claim, and filing a lawsuit when needed, is tough on the person doing the suing. Most people never want to be in that position. Most of our clients never wanted to have to sue anyone. But it’s harder still when they are in physical pain, limited in their daily life by their injuries, and now they have an insurance company claiming they are faking, or at least exaggerating. Don’t go through that process with an inhuman and uncaring advocate. You will need someone who is authentic, approachable and available to help you through this process.

Ready Law is in the business of helping people, but we can only do that if you open the door by reaching out and contacting us.

Colorado Injury Practice Areas at Ready Law

Mr. Ready is able to handle many different types of Colorado injury cases. The below list represents some of the most common types of cases that his office takes on, but it should not be seen as an exhaustive list. If you do not see your situation mentioned below, feel free to give us a call to discuss your specific facts.


School Name Major Degree Graduated
University of Colorado School of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2009

Work Experience

Title Company name Duration
Owner Ready Law Firm 2009 – Present
Public Defender Colorado 2008 – 2008
Intern Colorado 4th Judicial District 2007 – 2007
Military U.S. Air Force 1998 – 2001


Award Name Grantor Date Granted
Top 10% of Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers of Distinction 2017 – 2019
Criminal Defense Clinic – Outstanding Student Award University of Colorado Law 2007
Winner – Carrigan Cup Trial Competition University of Colorado Law 2007
Winner – Hogan & Hartson Trial Competition University of Colorado Law 2006


Association Name Duration
Colorado Trial Lawyers’ Association 2009- Present
South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce 2012 – Present
American Bar Association 2009 – Present
Colorado Bar Association 2009 – Present
Colorado Criminal Defense Bar 2009 – Present

Ready Law May Be Able To Help with Your Denver Injury Case – But You Have to Get in Touch First

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