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I am attorney Vern Ready, founder of Ready Law. I started planning Ready Law while still in law school at the University of Colorado. I was fortunate enough to be taken in by the excitement of competitive mock trial competitions while still in law school, and I knew early on I wanted to be a trial lawyer. I was also fortunate to follow up on that interest with internships for district court judges and for the Colorado Public Defender, and legal clinic experience, all while still in law school.

Those early courtroom experiences confirmed that I found profound purpose and motivation in fighting for individuals. I was drawn to taking up fights for people I liked and whom I felt were being bullied, taken advantage of, or wronged in some other way. Usually that meant standing up to a large, powerful organization like the government or a large company. That role and that work became my happy place, and has been my true work-purpose since.

Along the Way

It took a long time to narrow down the best fit in the practice of law for me, and I gained valuable trial and courtroom experience all along the way. In the years between the founding of Ready Law and today, I appeared in almost every courtroom in the Denver Metro area arguing to jurors in criminal defense cases, and to judges in domestic family law matters. Many years ago, I even spent a brief period working for another law firm where I first learned to help injured clients.

All these experiences prepared me to find a greater joy in practicing law my way, answering directly to my clients, and eventually representing only people who have been injured. I admire the lawyers who defend the accused and I have sympathy for those who have to get out of bed each day to help people through divorces. However, for me, nothing else I have done has ever fit like taking a stand for people who have suffered life-changing injuries. That is what Ready Law is, and always will be, exclusively committed to.

The Mission

Ready Law exists to lift people up who have been wronged, and who are being taken advantage of, by insurance companies, corporations, and governments. The mission is to chase down what is right and get accountability for what was wrongfully taken. I believe doing that increases the good in the world.

The Values

At Ready Law, every decision, strategy and effort is measured against values such as thoroughness, honesty, and the energetic pursuit of what is right. I ask myself every week whether I would have hired Ready Law for help myself based on how I worked and what I accomplished for my clients.

Auto insurance companies and other liability carriers routinely profit by undervaluing injuries and losses. A core value at Ready Law is gaining the best possible understanding of all the ways an injury has impacted a client’s life. This approach is personalized, thorough, and it takes time. Most people who are injured do not even know what their total medical expenses are likely to be when the insurance companies (and too often other lawyers) start trying to tell them what their “case is worth”.

The true value of your loss is not calculated by software, and it is not just a matter of averaging the outcome of the last ten cases similar to yours. Determining the true value of what was wrongfully taken is a job for you, and an attorney who cares about what happened to you, and who has put in the time and effort to gain a good understanding of how your life was impacted.

People who are injured turn to Ready Law for protection, assistance, and guidance through a process they know next to nothing about. Not one client comes to me wanting nothing more than an independent claims processor. My clients want someone they can trust to guide them through the process, even if that means going to trial. They want an authentic human connection with their lawyer, and easy, reliable communication. Inherently everyone understands that the insurance company on the other side of their case probably does not have much of an interest in truly understanding all the ways a particular injury impacted the life of the person who was hurt, as well as those of their family members. Ready Law is committed to fighting that problem through empathetic, active efforts to understand and tell every client’s true story. It is a core value for me to be and do that for my clients.

An injury lawyer with a full understanding of both the economic damage caused by an injury, and all the ways an injury has made life harder and worse that cannot be easily shown on a receipt, is much better equipped to fight for full and fair compensation for those losses.

The Perfect Fit or No Fit

After seeing some of the advertising common to injury lawyers, I can understand why the last thing an injured person might expect to encounter is a personal injury law firm that is picky about clients and causes. Ready Law is a small firm seeking very specific clients and causes. As such, Ready Law is about as far as a firm can get from the high volume law firms that burn through thousands of cases at a time. For some of those firms, it makes economic sense to settle 3 cases quickly, even if it means settling a little under full value, than to spend more time on one case to maximize its value.

This case is your only opportunity for a fair outcome.

The representation available at Ready Law is highly personalized, takes a substantial amount of time and resources, and so must be offered carefully. One of the lessons I have learned in my experience as a practicing attorney, and a guiding principle I have accepted with full clarity, is to only represent people I like, with causes I fully believe in. Ready Law as a law firm is committed to finding those people, taking on those causes, and righting those wrongs.

Ready Law is focused on righting wrong for people who have suffered life-changing injuries, and it is in part because I am careful about the causes I take on that I am confident each one is represented well. If you or someone you love might benefit from the kind of personalized and diligent representation I offer, please reach out today by calling 303-339-8846, or you can text me by clicking the chat pop up in the corner of this page. It costs you nothing to meet with Ready Law and discuss your case.