Choosing a Colorado Injury Lawyer

You certainly have options when you choose an injury lawyer. There are a number of us in Colorado and most of us can take more cases, including yours. But if you are reading this that is probably not good enough for you. Given that you are searching and actually reading something about/by your potential lawyer, you don’t seem like a person who chooses an attorney based on the first commercial you see on the television in […]

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When you hear the phrase “frivolous lawsuit”, what do you think of? All personal injury lawsuits? All neck injuries? McDonald’s? Something else?

Now consider how much you know about this issue. If you thought of a specific case, how much do you know about that case? Have you ever looked into any specific facts related to that case?

If you thought of an entire class of cases, how much do you know about that type of injury? Is your belief based

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