Exploitation or a step toward a better system?

Britain is planning to televise portions of their criminal trials. Of course, we’ve been doing that here in the U.S. for a long time for high-interest cases. Having television cameras in a courtroom might raise concerns of exploitation or show trial behavior. Lawyers are going to behave differently for the camera, we think. Worse still, maybe the judge will too. But how so? Are there benefits beyond transparency to public scrutiny? Will some […]

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Easily Overlooked

Everyone knows it is possible to get compensation for physical injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. But most serious injury cases also involve harm to the victim’s mental health too, and these can be easily overlooked.

If your injury attorney does not notice, care about, or pursue damages for mental health conditions, who will? Yet personal injury clients and attorneys sometimes fixate so much on the physical injuries and treatment for those physical injuries that the mental impact of […]

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1. Get to safety and get medical care.

If you are injured in an accident, your first priorities should always be to get to a safe location and to get the medical care you need. Everything else I am listing in this post is a lower priority than those two essentials. Too often victims of auto accidents suspect they might be hurt, but decide not to seek medical help because they just are not sure it is needed. They tend to […]

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