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I-70 Speed-Related Crash Hot Spots


In Colorado, we love the mountains. But you may have felt a little nervous driving on I-70. It can feel a little treacherous, and not just because of the winding mountain landscape, the distracting beauty, the wildlife, or the sometimes-nasty weather. Mostly, it’s because of other drivers!

Two big I-70 crash hot spots

Colorado State Patrol recently shared two of the sites along I-70 that saw the most speed-related crashes. Between 2021 and 2023, Vail Pass saw 52% of crashes be speed-related, while 35.1% of collisions near the Eisenhower Tunnel were related to speed. Speed can be especially dangerous with steep mountain grades and unpredictable weather conditions, causing ice or visibility issues.

Speeding in winter weather is especially dangerous

CSP also warned that speeding Colorado drivers in winter weather have a 2.5 times greater risk of being involved in a crash with serious or fatal injuries than during warmer months.

A Denver7 interview with Col. Matthew C. Packard, the CSP Patrol Chief, warned of these hazards: “Our statewide data shows that during milder weather months, injury and fatal crashes peak, likely from an increase in the number of people out on our roadways, along with motorcycle season,” he said. “Troopers find that impairment, lane violations, driver distractions and speed all play a significant role in these serious crashes.”

CSP data also revealed that between 2021 and 2023, crashes where speed played a role peaked between the months of November and March. This may be because the at-fault drivers were driving too fast for the weather conditions. If you were injured by a speeding driver or during dangerous winter weather, you aren’t alone, and unfortunately, this is too common of an experience for Coloradans.

Top 5 Colorado counties with speeding citations

Here is a list of the top five Colorado counties where CSP troopers cited speeding drivers in 2023:

El Paso County

Jefferson County

Weld County

Mesa County

Eagle County

Top 5 Colorado roads with speeding tickets

And the top 5 Colorado highways or interstates where CSP issued speeding citations for drivers traveling at over 20mph over the speed limit in 2023 were:



Highway 50

Highway 24

Highway 285

I was injured by a speeding driver – how do I get help?

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