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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Colorado Springs


My family and I live in a small town right between Denver and Colorado Springs, and we frequently travel and work in both metro areas. Our state has seen a lot of growth, and Colorado Springs in particular has welcomed plenty of new residents. Over the past decade or so, Colorado Springs grew by about 15%, while El Paso County grew by 17.4%, making it the eighth fastest growing county in the state.

What does population growth mean for road safety?

Over the same time period that Colorado Springs and El Paso County have added people, these places have also become more dangerous for drivers and passengers. In 2020, Colorado Springs set a new record for lives lost, while El Paso County led the state in the number of fatal car crashes, with 84, according to a special report by local news station, KRDO.

In many ways, this makes sense, because having more people in a location, using roads, means a greater number of people possible who could get into a crash. But also, population growth tends to mean greater congestion of roads or that infrastructure can be put under greater strain. You also have a convergence of newer “locals” who may be less familiar with the terrain and with residents’ driving styles.

Colorado Springs’ most dangerous roads and intersections

Many of the places on this list won’t surprise local drivers, but some may. Data from the Colorado Springs Police Department revealed that the locations with the most car crashes in 2020 were:

  • I-25 and S. Nevada Avenue / S. Tejon Street (68 crashes with 9 injuries and 1 fatality)
  • I-25 and W. Garden of the Gods Road (59 crashes with 7 injuries and 1 fatality)
  • I-25 and Lake Avenue / S. Circle Drive (54 crashes with 7 injuries and no fatalities)

It’s important to note that the CSPD data does not reveal how many people were hurt or killed, but rather indicates that a crash involved an injury or fatality. Also, this data just indicates the closest intersection, and does not tell us if the crash happened on I-25 or a nearby intersection off the interstate.

Non-interstate roads and intersections are also hazardous

KRDO’s investigation revealed more dangerous locations not on the interstate that may surprise you. Powers and Stetson Hills in northeast Colorado Springs took the spot for the most non-interstate crashes in 2020, with 47 total – almost one per week! The second spot for most non-interstate crashes was Fountain and Academy, with 40 crashes, including one that sadly killed two Fort Carson soldiers. Many additional intersections along Academy had a high number of crashes, including: Airport and Academy, Austin Bluffs and Academy, and Platte and Academy. Academy and Galley is sixth on the list, but tied for first with the most fatal crashes, and with crashes frequently involving pedestrians.

I’ve been injured in a crash in Colorado Springs or El Paso County – what do I do?

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