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Ozempic serious side effects on the rise


In a recent blog on the so-called “miracle” semaglutide diabetes and weight loss drugs, I discussed the reality of these drugs and how debilitating the side effects can be, side effects that the manufacturers have in many cases minimized or failed to acknowledge.

Also called GLP-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs), semaglutide drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro use peptides that imitate natural hormones in our body that tell us when we’re full, which allows the drug to regulate insulin release and appetite. These drugs work by slowing digestion, and for an increasing number of patients, that can cause very serious health conditions.

Recent study shows 3.5x higher risk of intestinal obstruction

A May 2023 letter to the editor in the research journal Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B (APSB) discussed one of the serious health issues patients are experiencing: intestinal blockages or obstructions. This is one of the long-term “adverse events” that is less well understood, because, as the authors of the letter note, this connection has been insufficiently studied because the clinical trials have not been long enough. The data demonstrates that the risk of chronic intestinal obstruction increases over time, with the highest occurrences emerging 1.6 years after treatment with GLP-1 RAs, while clinical studies usually do not last for more than a year.

In diabetic patients taking GLP-1 RAs, for whom these drugs are less about weight loss and more of an effective way to manage their chronic condition, long-term adverse events like intestinal obstruction are 4.5 times higher than for those taking other glucose control medications. The authors go on to note that in a real-world study of over 25,000 subjects, the data showed a 3.5-times increase in the intestinal obstruction rate associated with GLP-1 RA treatment.

Worst impacts of Ozempic could be yet to come

As this recent data shows, the risk for more serious health conditions like intestinal blockages or gastroparesis (stomach paralysis) may compound over time. And yet, Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Ozempic and Wegovy, is likening the use of these medications to cholesterol-controlling statins, where patients are on them for life, since, when patients stop taking the drugs, most patients regain the weight. One of Novo Nordisk’s executives recently referred to “chronic treatment” as the reality of these drugs – in other words, forever.

As the popularity of these drugs has increased and as patients log more months of taking them (for fear of relapses or weight regain if they stop), I have no doubt that we will see more and more reports of people who have been harmed by them, possibly irreparably.

Cautionary stories abound

Doing a simple online search reveals that increasing numbers of patients are cautioning others about the problems they’ve experienced while taking semaglutide drugs. Be warned: These stories are harrowing and depict people suffering for months and years. In one simple search about adverse side effects of Ozempic, the first page of my results showed headlines like:

These patients experienced symptoms as varied as stomach paralysis / gastroparesis, ileus, intestinal blockages, malnutrition, depression, loss of interest in social interactions and hobbies, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, and more.

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