According to their most recent study, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says 6,283 pedestrians were killed in auto accidents in the United States in a single year. One in five children killed in traffic accidents are pedestrians. (CDC). What should you do if someone else injured you in a pedestrian accident? Start by calling Denver pedestrian accident lawyer Vern Ready to discuss the specific facts of your case for free.

Denver Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

I don’t have to tell you pedestrian accident cases tend to be serious. It is common sense. When careless drivers or distracted drivers collide with pedestrians, the injuries are often life-changing.

Common pedestrian accident injuries

The most common injuries associated with pedestrians hit by a car include:

  • Brain injury
  • Abdominal injury
  • Chest injury
  • Musculoskeletal fractures, separations, and sprains including
    • neck injury
    • spine injury
    • shoulder injury
    • upper and lower leg injuries
    • hip injury

Why choose Denver pedestrian accident lawyer Vern Ready?

Pay nothing up front

I help people get better compensation for their losses, and you never have to pay anything up front to get your case started. I get paid a percentage of the money I recover for you. That means if we were to recover no money, I do not get paid. This approach ensures both that you have access to justice regardless of your starting financial circumstance, and that if I accept your case, it is a sign that I believe in your cause.

I help clients who want what is fair

Nobody involved in lawsuits thinks they are fun, except for me. I love the work I do to help injured clients achieve better outcomes.  Clients come to me seeking help because they know they have been wronged, they have typically lost money due to costs for medical treatment and missed work, and they have suffered pain and limitations even though none of what has happened to them is their fault. Sometimes they come to me after they have attempted to resolve the case on their own and they have found the at-fault insurance company, or their own insurance company, unreasonable.  Sometimes they feel the other side has been dismissive or condescending. Whether they tried to resolve on their own or they come to me right from the start, none of my clients are ever eager to sue. They simply want to be treated fairly, and helping them get full and fair compensation is my motivation for coming to work every day.

You don’t have to deal with insurance companies yourself

My clients get to focus on healing, recovery, and getting the treatment they need.  I deal with the at-fault parties, preserving and gathering evidence, and negotiating with the insurance company. I believe that learning as much as I can learn about my clients’ lives helps me humanize them when I am later negotiating on their behalf.  Insurance adjusters handle huge numbers of insurance claims. It is natural for them to view your case as a file. They will look for  holes in medical treatment, or anything they can arguably exclude from your claim in an effort to reduce what they pay out.  They will argue that you treated too much or you did not treat enough; anything to shift responsibility away from them. Part of my job is to show them that your case is not just another file.

Learning about you helps me get you more money

Showing decision-makers why your case is different adds value. The more I learn about you, the better I am able to tell your story.  Telling your story better, whether that is to an insurance company, the at-fault party, or to a judge or jury, results in a better understanding of all the ways your specific injuries impact your life. In my experience, that extra effort helps decision-makers understand why your case is worth more than the other pedestrian accident injury cases they have handled.

Great communication

When you want to talk about your case, you want to talk to your lawyer. I do not use paralegals or case managers to screen calls from clients.  My clients are as involved in their cases as they want to be. They know what is happening, what we are doing next, and why.  They know all that because I am available to them and we have discussed those things directly. Part of my more personalized approach to representation means I communicate with my clients regularly, and at critical moments during their cases, we communicate frequently. If I miss a call because I am in a meeting or in court, I always call back within 24 hours. I expect good communication from my clients, and provide it in turn. There is really no other way to confidently prepare a case that could go to trial at some point.

Why choose Colorado personal injury lawyer Vern Ready for a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian injury cases tend to involve a variety of injuries. I am a well-rounded litigator and I have represented clients in a wide range of cases in courts throughout Colorado. Although I have substantial experience and I value the knowledge that comes with that experience, I am also comfortable learning. It is true that no two cases are ever exactly the same, but this is even more true for pedestrian accident injuries. I have represented clients with head/brain, neck, back, spine, hip, shoulder, face, arm and leg injuries.  Pedestrian accidents could present with any combination of extremity or internal injuries. The benefits of a commitment to learning about your specific injuries and how those have impacted your life are even more important where injuries are so varied from case to case.

Common issues in pedestrian accident cases

No insurance coverage: This issue arises most frequently when a pedestrian is hit by a car driven by someone who is either unlicensed or for some other reason uninsured.  When this happens, it is possible that another insurance police may provide coverage.  A commercial policy may provide coverage. Your own uninsured motorist policy might provide coverage you are unaware of, or the uninsured motorist policy of a relative you live with. Seemingly unrelated policies, like homeowner’s insurance, can sometimes provide coverage in circumstances we would not have expected.  It is important to have a pedestrian accident lawyer review all insurance policies that could potentially provide coverages for you.

Not enough insurance coverage: When injuries are serious, the costs of medical care alone can quickly outpace the available insurance. Just like those cases involving an uninsured driver, an underinsured case also requires a careful review of any insurance policy that can potentially provide coverage.  There is no substitute for a conversation with your Denver pedestrian accident lawyer about any potential coverage from seemingly unrelated insurance policies that should be reviewed.

Hit and run: Knowing who caused your injuries is of critical importance in most pedestrian accident cases. If the negligent driver fled the scene after causing an injury, be sure to notify police.  Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime in Colorado. The police may be able to identify a driver who fled the scene, and generally it makes sense to accept the benefit of police resources and capabilities in identifying the at-fault driver.

When should I get a Denver pedestrian accident lawyer?

Delay hurts these cases. One of the first things your pedestrian accident lawyer is going to do is start sending notices to all involved parties to notify them that there is a potential claim and demand that they preserve evidence. Those notices help ensure that physical evidence does not disappear early in your case, and can mean the difference between having a surveillance video or black box data and not having it.

At-fault insurance companies often try to talk settlement with injury victims early in a case, because they believe it benefits them to do so before the injured person really knows how much treatment they are going to need, and certainly before they have a good idea of just how much their life is going to be impacted by their injuries.  Where injuries are serious, future care becomes a hard-fought issue in these cases as well, and the injured person rarely has any clue what the fair value of any offer might be right after an injury happens.

At-fault insurance companies will also keep careful records of each conversation with the injured person, hoping to identify inconsistencies in their statements as a case progresses. Another common request is for very broad releases of information that the at-fault insurance company will then attempt to use against you later, including unrelated medical records, employment records, etc. Having a pedestrian accident lawyer get to work on your case early means fewer statements directly from the injured party for insurance companies to “misunderstand”.  As an experienced injury attorney, I do not hesitate to simply tell insurance companies that I will gather and provide them all relevant records when the time is right to do so. If I accept your case, I can deal with the insurance companies while you focus on getting better.

How to get your case started

I offer free consultations to anyone injured in a Colorado pedestrian accident.  We can discuss your case at my office, your home or hospital, by phone, or even by video chat.  I understand that you want the attorney search to be over and you want help from someone you can trust. All you have to do to get started is call 303-339-8846, or schedule your own free consultation right now by clicking the button below. Let’s get your case started and moving in the right direction.