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Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Clients in Centennial, CO

My name is Vern Ready, and I represent injured clients throughout the state of Colorado. My office is epecially convenient to clients in Centennial, CO. It is located very near the junction of I-25 and I-225. Does the heavy downtown traffic and big downtown firm have you wondering why your experience feels impersonal? Contact me today to get started with an attorney who takes a highly personalized approach to each case.

I have been a trial lawyer in Colorado for approximately ten years. Much of the litigation work I have done so far has been in Arapahoe County and Douglas County. As those who live and work in Centennial CO will know, that means I have worked extensively in the same courts that would likely handle your case. I have been in front of a jury in the same courthouse your injury case will be handled in, and I have probably been in every courtroom in Arapahoe County.

If you live or work in Centennial, I can make your choice that much easier by coming to you for an initial consultation. Sometimes clients simply are not able to come to my office for an initial consultation. If you are too injured to come to my office, I can meet you anywhere in Centennial to get your case started.

Convenience and experience in your local courts are important factors when choosing a Centennial personal injury attorney. But I would argue there are much more important factors to consider when choosing an attorney, and I invite you to read a blog post on that topic here.

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