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I am a personal injury lawyer representing injured clients from anywhere in or around Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am available to assist with everything from Highlands Ranch car accidents, to semi and truck accidents, defective product cases, premises liability cases and wrongful death cases.

For most of my legal career, I have represented clients in Douglas County courts, which has jurisdiction in most cases arising out of Highlands Ranch.  I have been in every courtroom in that courthouse, and have spent additional time in the courthouse for legal conferences, continuing legal education, and even mock trial competitions. If you were injured in Highlands Ranch, there is a very good chance your case would be handled in the Douglas County courthouse, where I have extensive experience.

Convenient and Connected to Highlands Ranch, CO

Among my many personal connections to Highlands Ranch, I coached the Highlands Ranch High School Mock Trial team. During their first year of competition that team finished first among over 20 local high schools and proceeded to state-level competition.  I have also been a member of the Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce among other local chambers.

My office is convenient to clients who live and work in Highlands Ranch. I am located on the south side of the Denver Metro area, near the junction of I-25 and I-225.  Accordingly, those coming to my office from Highlands Ranch can skip the downtown Denver traffic.

For those clients whose injuries prevent them from coming to my office, I offer free consultations at any location in Highlands Ranch that is convenient and agreeable to us both.  In other words I do house calls for clients who cannot make it to my office. For most clients, I end up ditching the tie and the office and visiting their home at least once during representation. Doing that helps me better understand how a particular client’s injuries have impacted their home life. But sometimes home visits start right at the beginning of the case, and that can mean I meet you a at a location convenient to you right from the start to get your case going.  For Highlands Ranch clients, this is particularly easy to schedule as the city is minutes from my office via I-25 and C-470.

Knowledge of Highlands Ranch Car Accident Trends

As a Highlands Ranch accident lawyer, I have a special interest in learning and understanding the trends and causes of traffic collisions in this area.  My own daughters drive to and from school in Highlands Ranch each day.  My family shops and visits the area regularly. Not only have I represented clients in a range of traffic collision cases in Highlands Ranch, but I regularly study the most dangerous intersections and Highlands Ranch car accident statistics published by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  If you have been injured by a negligent driver in Highlands Ranch, choose a Highlands Ranch auto accident lawyer with a personal interest in making our streets safer for everyone.  Get Ready.

Get in touch with my office right now by emailing vready@ready-law.com, calling 720-201-3802, or filling out my easy online case evaluation form.