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Looking for a Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyer who will come to you?

My office is just off of I-25 on Colorado Boulevard. For clients in Lakewood who prefer not to drive into Denver, I will happily meet at a convenient location right in Lakewood. My willingness to meet where you are is just one indication of how my priorities differ from those of some of my competition. It is important to me to get to know my clients as people. One of the first signs of that is my willingness to leave the office and meet them in their own setting.

If an attorney isn’t willing to get out of their office chair to sign a new client, will they be willing to personally visit the scene of the crash if needed? Will they come to your house to speak with your family where that is appropriate? I strive to do more with your case, and sometimes meeting you where you are right from the start can help with that.

Choose an attorney with a more personalized approach to your injury case. Don’t just become one case in a large machine that sees you as a number. I work my cases personally from the first appointment to the last court date. Call me now and let’s get to work.

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